Empowering rural communities in Africa with high quality basic health care, effective public health initiatives, microfinance and support for vulnerable children. We have a special love for children, whom we see not as a burden, but as part of a brilliant future for Africa.

We are small and unconventional international development agency, but to the people we serve, we’re a GIANT – a group of committed professionals who search out the most remote parts of Africa in which to work – places where other organizations have chosen not to work.  We specialize in providing medical care, health education and microloans to people who have no place else to turn, and support for very needy children who recognize us as their family now. Our work is not easy – but it certainly is rewarding.


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Our Goals

Lalmba strives to bring primary health care to impoverished communities where there is none, and to ensure that every vulnerable child has the ability to go to school.

DONATIONS YTD - $433,915 out of $624,753 NEEDED
MEDICAL = $325,436
CHILDREN = $108,479
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  • Lalmba Association became my parents after they died.  They provided us food every two weeks, and gave us school uniforms and blankets. My siblings and I could now sleep well at night and go to school like any other child. The kindness and humility given by Lalmba pushed my academic performance to the top of my class. Additionally, we got free healthcare and our general health improved.

    Mark Otweyo
  • It is one of life’s great mysteries that people who have so little by all the conventional measures of the comfortable world seem to have so much joy and contentment in their souls.

    Art Wortman

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