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POSYPosy was born to the nomadic, warrior tribe of the Menit people, pastoralists roaming the lower Omo river valley.  Around the age of 5 or 6 Posy suffered her first epileptic seizure. The frequency of her seizures increased, and her parents determined there must be evil at work.  Posy’s family chose to leave her in a bustling town with a fistful of money (about $5), a hundred of miles from her home. Eventually Posy met a nurse who understood epilepsy, and who offered her servant work in exchange for food, but not shelter. But Posy’s seizures continued and one day, while cooking over an open fire, she convulsed and toppled right into it. She was found by a Lalmba employee, lying in a ditch, close to death. She was admitted into our hospital where her burns were treated, she was cleaned and given high doses of antibiotics.  A home she found in Lalmba’s orphanage, and at the age of 9, she will begin the 1st grade in just a couple of weeks. She has a bed inside a house with windows and doors and a roof that doesn’t leak, and on her bed she has Tweety Bird sheets. She wakes up to breakfast and a routine that values education and hard work, and accepts her for who she is. This month she will walk with Jeff and the Lalmba team to the closest hospital in Bonga, to honor that walk she took away from her home as a little girl.

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