Lalmba Presents An Evening of Enlightenment

Photography has been a passport for me into worlds not of my birthright.  It has revealed passages into human experiences that are not my own.  It has guided me along paths, shared shoulder to edge with peasants and kings.  I have seen life’s desires extinguished in the perpetual quest for basic needs.  And I have seen smoldering embers rekindle with flame.  I have seen orphans beat vicious odds with resilience and grace, and emerge triumphant.

I’ve seen little lives spark with hope when fed possibility.  

Nourish your soul and join us for this charitable and fun-filled event on May 18 at the BIN46 Wine Bar & Restaurant. Lalmba is partnering with The Darkroom of Longmont and BIN46 to bring awareness to Lalmba’s important work in Africa.  We’re bringing art, charity, and people together for inspiring discussion about nurturing hope back into desperate lives. BIN46 will be providing delicious pairings of wine and food, and Longmont’s very own Seth Phillips will be performing live.

Jeff will auction photographs he’s taken over the course of his 20 years of work in Africa.  All proceeds from ticket sales and auction items are tax deductible and go directly to support the work of Lalmba.

We hope you can join us, but if you’re unable, please consider making a donation in honor of this event. Jeff has promised a signed print to the first 10 $100 donations.