Preventative Care

Lalmba provides a number of Public Health (preventive care) services that address potential illness and medical issues before they occur and increase the general health of the community.




Lalmba teams take intensive immunizations and education "on the road" to remote villages and schools.  We give about 50,000 vaccinations each year, and our medical teams will walk up to three hours in mountain terrain (each way) to take this life-saving service to those who can't come to us.  

Few Americans will ever watch a child die from tetanus or measles. But those who have will testify to just how critical these immunization services truly are.


Lalmba treats many children who are literally close to death from severe malnutrition. We have hands-on cooking and nutrition classes for these families to help prevent these children from becoming malnourished again.

Prenatal and Well-Baby Care

Prenatal and well-baby care ensures that the children of the world's poorest people have a chance to grow properly. Thousands of pregnant mothers and babies receive vitamins, health checkups, immunizations, and continual education.

Health Education

Our public health teams bring education to the villagers on how to live healthier lives, and also how to recognize life-threatening medical problems like malaria, pneumonia or tetanus early enough that they can be treated. In addition, we have projects building latrines, protecting springs, and education on the health benefits of clean water and how to ensure the water consumed is germ-free.

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