Lalmba Orphan Services

What We Do

Lalmba cares for over 1500 orphan children. We supply food, clothing, school supplies and complete medical care for those able to live with a grandparent or uncle. Children’s Homes provide everything for those orphans who have no one able to care for them at all.

Girl with a wood doll

Ongoro Girl with Elmo

Most of our orphans have lost their parents to AIDS. Without parents to provide for basic needs, these children have little chance of surviving. Lalmba works closely with the local communities to identify these children and takes the necessary steps to ensure their home, food, medical and education needs are met.

Children Programs


Our Reaching Children At Risk (RCAR) orphan care program provides food, school clothes and supplies, and medical care to over 1500 orphans.

In Ethiopia, we care for 28 orphans in very remote Chiri, where our Health Center and Children's Home are located.  We have 1502 orphans in our RCAR program at our Kenya operations near Matoso.

These children live with a guardian, usually a grandparent or aunt/uncle, who could never afford to take them into their household otherwise.  Lalmba ensures that these children are well cared for and stay in school.

Children's Homes

Our Ongoro Children's Home located near our Matoso Clinic in Kenya, provides complete care for 40 of the most desperate orphans.

The Chiri Children's Home in Ethiopia cares for 15 orphans.

These children have no one who can care for them at all.

Scholarship Programs

Our Scholarship Programs provide continued education funding for exceptional children who would otherwise have no possibility of higher education above the standard grade 8. Each year we award scholarships to dozens of secondary school students and an occasional university student.


Orphan Boy In Olando
Girls At The Ongoro Children's Home
Chiri Orphans
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