Bank Of Lalmba

Teaching The People About Business

Lalmba’s microfinance programs in Kenya and Ethiopia offer loans for individuals to start or grow small businesses.  The people who receive these loans are very poor, and they have no other access to funds for a business. These individuals become financially independent and provide services that raise the area’s quality of life. We believe it is vital for the people we serve to be empowered to help themselves. To ensure our loan recipients are successful, we conduct business classes that teach basic business design, accounting and finance skills.

Enabling Businesses To Grow

Those that show a particular talent for business are given the opportunity to apply for a small loan. To qualify, individuals must put together a business plan indicating what they plan to do, how the business will work and how they will earn enough to repay the loan within 12 months. A review of the plan is conducted by local leaders and loans are given to qualifying individuals. The loan amounts are small ($100, $200, $500), but important because this provides individuals with the necessary cash to start a new life.

Lalmba's microfinance system is uniquely designed to guarantee 100% pay-back on our loans.  New loans are not given until every single loan from the prior year is repaid.  This means that the local people who are hoping for new loans will ensure that every loan is repaid.  Local empowerment at its best!

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