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Belaynesh is 36 years old, and never had the chance to go to school.  She got married when she was very young but due to some psychological problems she was abandoned by her husband.  She was living on the streets then and came to our health center because she got severely injured after a mule kicked her in the head.  After she recovered and began taking medication, Lalmba’s Medical Director rented a house for her and helped her to purchase food.  She began to work at the Chiri Children’s Home, taking care of the vegetable garden and helping with cleaning tasks.  She is a very strong woman, hard worker and very committed to Lalmba. Belaynesh’s story helps to reduce the stigma around mental illness in her community; she is a reminder that mental illness is a medical disorder like any other. We know you will walk with a smile, Belaynesh!

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