Lalmba's American Staff

US Directors

President: Jeff James

Vice President: Hillary James

Board Of Directors

Chairman Of The Board: Hugh Downey

Treasurer: Kevin Collins

Secretary: Dr Reg Guy

Board Members: Kevin Collins, Marty Downey, Dr. Reg Guy, Harry Lindmark, Bill Masure, Hillary James

Our Founders: Hugh & Marty

Marty and Hugh are dreamers! They see clearly the many problems which face Africa, but they also see solutions. Over the years they have proven themselves as hard working and dedicated individuals “doing the best we can to help”.

"No, we do not go to Africa with the idea of ‘saving the world’ but rather simply ‘making a difference’. And we have come to learn that we, and our colleagues, really do ‘make a difference’. We are simple folks. We don’t live in a big house or drive new cars. In Africa, we are at home living in a grass hut. Success has come only with a lot of hard work and determination. We are joined by some very special people who also have given part of their lives to the ideals which we so strongly believe in – doctors and nurses in Africa and domestic volunteers in the U. S. The difficulties of working in Africa pale in comparison to the blessings which we have received.

We’ve learned so much! We’ve made such incredible friendships !

This is our ‘home’ in Africa. We love it dearly . . . except when it leaks during the rainy season"


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