Long strenuous journeys have the ability to transform the human spirit, and alter the course of life. In Lalmba’s annual walking journey, Tembea Na Mimi (Walk with Me), we seek out a walking adventure to raise awareness for our work serving the poor. This year, I will be there in […]

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Lalmba News – An Ancient Symbol of Faith

‘People may believe what they wish. People may say what they wish. Nevertheless, we do possess the sacred Tabot, that is to say the Ark of the Covenant, and I am its guardian…’ Ethiopian Orthodox Priest  ~ Graham Hancock, The Sign and the Seal In the brief moment this photo […]

Lalmba News – From the Rubble

by Jeff James Thorn bushes fortified with vines fenced the compound, a homestead once occupied by a vibrant and strong Luo family.  Standing as corner posts like castle sentries, jacaranda trees adorned in purple blossoms radiate harmony and distract from recent memories of death.  The shells of vacated houses lay […]

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A Critical Year for Realizing Dreams

by Jeff James Evance Chieng dreams of going to college. The honor of being the first in his family to do so is a bragging right few in his community can boast. His grandmother, Rujina Abusa, reminds him often how proud his parents would be (had they survived the HIV […]

Lalmba News, Vol. 53, No. 1

By Jeff James When I saw the tears fall in great drops upon the table, creating craters of dust and dark marks on the stained wood, I knew I had asked the wrong question. I wanted to know if she remembered the day her father walked her from her home […]



Lalmba News, The Christmas Edition, Vol. 52, No.5 3

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND SALAD TONGS! These hand-crafted beauties from Kenya with beaded handles, ergonomically designed, will add a touch of elegance to your holiday meals.  They also make great gifts! Who wouldn’t want a pair of these to uniquely grace their kitchen table? But, don’t be fooled, these are […]

Inspiration and Leadership, Part 10 of Tembea Na Mimi 2

This is Part 10 of a multi-part essay that chronicles Tembea Na Mimi, a walk across Kenya. By The Walkers of Tembea Na Mimi True inspiration comes from remarkable and unexpected places. It compels us to move, sometimes with a ferocious shout and other times with a soft embrace. True inspiration […]


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Scars and Memories, Part 9 of Tembea Na Mimi 3

This is Part 9 of a multi-part essay that chronicles Tembea Na Mimi, a walk across Kenya. by Jeff James At 15, Yogesh’s path to self-determination is just beginning, and already he’s proven himself fearless among warriors and wise among elders. On the last day of walking he was barefoot, an indication […]

The Rise and Fall of Heroes, Part 8 of Tembea Na Mimi 3

      This is Part 8 of a multi-part essay that chronicles Tembea Na Mimi, a walk across Kenya. by Jeff James Huddled under the branches of a thorn tree, cold rain pounding against my back, I witnessed courage in action and felt small and weak in comparison. But I am used […]

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“I Love Hills” Part 7 of Tembea Na Mimi 5

This is Part 7 of a multi-part essay that chronicles Tembea Na Mimi, a walk across Kenya. by Jeff James “I love hills!” Terry exhaled as she charged past me.  I wheezed an affirmative in reply, which was all I could do.  Gravity was pulling me backwards, while some insane devotion to […]